Feed Division

Feed Division

In addition to the food ingredient products that SEMO Milling’s dry milling process produces, Premium Hominy Meal is a feed co-product that is made during the process. SEMO Milling’s Premium Hominy Meal is a high-protein, high-fat feed ingredient used by the livestock, poultry, dairy and pet food industries.

Premium Hominy Meal

SEMO Milling’s Premium Hominy Meal is a mixture of corn germ, grits, high-fat flour, extraneous corn meal, bran and screenings.

SEMO Milling’s premium hominy meal is a unique feed product that combines superior feed value with competitive pricing when compared to traditional feed corn.

  • Crude Protein – consistently 25%-30% higher than feed corn
  • Crude Fat – consistently 100% higher than feed corn
  • Essential Amino Acids – notably higher levels of lysine & tryptophan
  • Minerals – content is significantly higher across the board
  • Ready to use – no labor and energy costs like with grinding corn

Our Commitment

  • PEACE OF MIND that you are doing business with a solid company that has a reputation of consistently producing HIGH QUALITY feed products
  • Our customers are our PARTNERS and we are dedicated to their SUCCESS
  • We are always RESPONSIVE and can be FLEXIBLE to accommodate customer needs
  • QUALITY is built into everything we do

You can be confident that SEMO Milling will provide a consistent, high-protein, high-fat feed ingredient that has been produced under the strictest quality assurance methods.

If you’re looking for a feed ingredient supplier that can enhance the nutritional values and production efficiency of your animal feed products, call SEMO Milling’s Feed Sales today.