Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

SEMO Milling’s portfolio of value-added dry corn ingredients include granulations of grits, meals, cones, flours, bran, and whole grain corn products.  Pregelatinized and masa products are coming soon. To lean more, call us at 573.264.2677.

Yellow Flaking Grit

  • Largest sized grit produced for food industry exhibiting a deep, golden color and composed of premium hard endosperm
  • Utilized by the ready-to-eat breakfast cereal industry

Yellow Coarse Grit or Brewer Grit

  • Coarse grit size with uniform granulation
  • As a fermentation adjunct, our brewer’s grit ensures high extraction value and superior taste enhancement
  • Also utilized by snack food companies and as a global food staple

Yellow Snack Meal

  • Coarse meal that is consistent and free-flowing
  • Primarily used for extruded snacks, breakfast cereals, dry mix applications and other corn-baked products

Yellow Corn Meal

  • Medium grade meal
  • Used in bread and muffin coatings and dry mix applications like corn bread, fritters and hush puppies, snack foods, cereals, and baking mixes

Yellow Corn Cones

  • Bright, yellow and fine consistency granulation
  • Used in dry mixes, cake mixes, batters and breaded seasonings and as a dusting agent
  • Used for extrusion products for the snack and ready-to-eat breakfast cereal for industries

Yellow Corn Flour

  • Powdery fine to ultra-fine consistency
  • Blends well with other food ingredients for cake, cookie, cracker and pastry production
  • Major ingredient in pancake mixes, can be used as a filler, binder, and thickener in baking applications
  • Used in industrial applications including paper, wallboard, adhesive products, and as a flow agent

Yellow Corn Bran

  • High in dietary fiber and provides phyto-nutritional benefits with no allergenic attributes
  • Adds smooth textural attributes and bland flavor
  • Can be used in many food and beverage application to reduce caloric value, increase fiber content, and act as a filler